Email Marketing Services100% GDPR Compliant

Email Marketing Services100% GDPR Compliant


Before we can send a newsletter for you

we need to get everything set-up.

Below is a list of all the info we need to set-up your account. Please follow these instructions, then complete the form at the bottom of this page.

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All your mailshots will be sent via our Amazon powered email server, but the From and Reply-To email address displayed in the newsletter will be yours so that recipients recognise who it's from and you receive any replies.

Often, it's a good idea to set up a dedicated email address, like, but it's not a requirement.

Decide which address you want to use and supply it to us on the form below.

As a minimum, your website is going to need two new pages: Subscribe; for the subscribe form. Unsubscribe; for the unsubscribe form.

It's possible these already exist, if not they need to be created. If you don't know how to do this contact your website manager or give us the details and we'll try to do it for you.

Adding our subscription boxes to your new pages is easy, it's just a small bit of code.

It's highly recommended you also create a Hello, Goodbye and Nearly There page.

  • Hello This is the page your subscribers are sent to once they've completed the double opt-in signup process.

  • Goodbye This is the page those unsubscribing are taken too once they've requested to leave your list (unsubscribe).

  • Nearly-There This is the page your subscribers are sent to after they've used the on-site subscribe form. It tells them about your double opt-in process, why you use it and what they should do next to confirm their subscription.

If you choose not to create a hello, goodbye and nearly-there page our system will use generic dynamic pages instead, which will not have any of your branding on them.

if you are creating your own, please give us the full URL's in the form below.

During the signup process, our system will send up to three emails to new subscribers. If you wish, you can add messages to these emails.

  • Confirmation Email This is a "double opt-in" email. It's sent out automatically after the new subscriber has added their details to the subscription form. It will contain the confirmation link they need to click to confirm they wish to join your mailing list and can include some text explaining why they need to click it.

  • Welcome Email This is sent to your new subscriber once the double opt-in process is complete. This email contains a certain amount of standard text, but if you wish to you can add a personal message.

  • Goodbye Email This is sent to a subscriber once they've unsubscribed from your list. This email contains a certain amount of standard text, but if you wish to you can add a personal message.

Additional Website Pages
If you have set-up your additional website pages as covered in the instructions above, please give us the complete URL's below.

Automated Email Text
If you wish to add any additional text to your automated emails, please add it here. If you leave these sections blank, we will assume you don't want to add anything.

That's all the info we need to start setting up your account. If you have any additional comments for us, please leave them below.


By clicking Submit you are confirming you have read our terms and are in agreement with them and the small print below.
The small Print
1. The minimum term of any package is three months.
2. All accounts must be paid monthly in advance.
3. Automated payment Subscription must settle all accounts.
4. Accounts can be cancelled at any time with no notice. However, any unused time/credits between billing period will not be refunded.
5. All payments are taken via card using our online processor Stripe.
6. Mailshot Monkey operates below the VAT threshold. Therefore we do not charge VAT.
7. Monthly sending credits do not roll over. Unused credits are cancelled at the end of each billing period.

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