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We like to keep things simple and clear. From basic mailing list building tools to a completely bespoke mailshot management system, we have it covered. If you need something not covered below, just ask us, and we'll look after you.

All packages come with the full support of our mailshot experts.


Only want to build your mailing list? This is for you. No frills, just the basics.
  • Standard onsite subscription box
  • Standard onsite unsubscribe box
  • Subscribe links for emails etc.
  • DPO* Management
  • Subscription recording**
  • Limitless Subscribers



The perfect self-managed mailshot service for those who can produce their own newsletters.
  • 5,000 emails per month
  • Standard subscribe/unsubscribe boxes
  • Subscribe link for emails etc.
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Automated unsubscribe and bounce handling
  • Full reporting
  • DPO* Management
  • Subscription recording**
  • Limitless Subscribers




100% Mailshot Monkey management of your entire newsletter process. We build your lists. We create and distribute your newsletters. We send you the reports.

  • 20,000 emails per month
  • Customised onsite subscribe/unsubscribe boxes
  • Subscribe links & QR codes
  • List building campaigns
  • Bespoke HTML newsletters
  • Distribution management
  • Drip-feed campaigns
  • Managed unsubscribe/bounce handling
  • DPO* Management
  • Subscription recording**
  • Limitless Subscribers


* Data Protection Officer: The person who users contact for enquiries about their data and your list. It's a legal requirement that you appoint this role and make their contact details available. We perform the DPO role for you.

** It is a legal requirement that the location (webpage), date, time and IP address of all subscribers is recorded and that this data is traceable in the event of a DPO enquiry. Our system does all this automatically.

No subscriber limits… EVER!


Add our bolt-on services to any of the above packages: Pay only for what you need!

Need something not listed? Get in touch, and we'll make it happen.

More Emails

Need to add some temporary send credits for busy months or special projects? No problem.
Only£2per 1000 sends

Newsletter Templates

We'll make you a fantastic looking template that you can use over and over again. Then, add your content and send.
From£25per template

List Building Campaigns

Need help building your list? Let us create a bespoke campaign for you, to encourage signup and engagement.
From£30per campaign

Send more? NO PROBLEM!


Not enough emails sends per month with our regular packages? Add more!

If you have a larger list, or just like to connect more often, add more sends per month to either the standard or full package.

Add 5k Sends Per Month

Upgrade to 10k of sends per month on a standard package
Only£6per month

Please Note: This is in addition to the monthly charges outlined above.

$12.19 CH-tot

Add 10k Sends Per Month

Upgrade to 15k of sends per month on a standard package
Only£11per month

Please Note: This is in addition to the monthly charges outlined above.

$18.81 CH-tot

Add 15k Sends Per Month

Upgrade to 20k of sends per month on a standard package
Only£16per month

Please Note: This is in addition to the monthly charges outlined above.

$24.5 CH-tot

Need More?

Need more than 20k sends a month? We can cater for any number of sends per month, from 20 to 200,000 AND MORE!

Pricing depends on your requirements so get in touch to discuss options.

Getting you UP AND RUNNING


Setup costs vary depending on which package you opt for, how much you do, how much we do and how complex your website is!

Website Boxes & Additional Pages

Typically your site will need the following new pages

  • Unsubscribe page
  • Successful subscription "hello" page
  • Double opt-in "nearly there" page
  • Unsubscribe "goodbye" page
  • Privacy Policy page

A subscription box will need to be added to the home page with links to the unsubscribe and privacy policy pages, and an unsubscribe box will need to be added to the unsubscribe page.

Using our standard page templates this is normally a one to two hour task including testing.

If we are doing all this we normally charge from £50, depending on home complex it is to create new pages on your site.
From£50Less if you do some of the work!

Emails And Admin Area

To ensure your reports are complete and subscribers kept informed the following needs to be done during setup

  • "Reply to" email authorisation
  • Automated double opt-in confirmation email
  • Automated subscription confirmation email
  • Automated unsubscribe email
  • Bounced email handling
  • Drip-feed campaign setup

Not all of these tasks are essential, but they make for a good user experience, which encourages your subscribers complete the sign-up process and stay subscribed.

Everything is done in the admin centre and can be done by us if required.

Typically this all takes less than one hour, so we charge a flat £20.

You can do this for free yourself if you wish!
Only£20Or free if you do it yourself!

The small print

  1. The minimum term of any package is three months.
  2. All accounts must be paid monthly in advance.
  3. All accounts must be paid by automated Paypal Subscription.
  4. Accounts can be cancelled at any time with no notice, however any unused time/credits between billing period will not be refunded.
  5. All our payments are taken via Paypal, we do not process any payments ourselves.
  6. Mailshot Monkey operates below the VAT threshold, therefore we do not charge VAT.
  7. Monthly sending credits do not roll over. Unused credits are cancelled at the end of each billing period.
  8. All additional work (template creation etc.) must be pre-paid and will be billed seperately with a Paypal invoice.

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For onsite subscriptions and unsubscribes we can provide you with HTML code to produce onsite forms. Is this useful to you?

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