Email Marketing Services100% GDPR Compliant

Email Marketing Services100% GDPR Compliant

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If we are creating a newsletter for you to distribute, there is a set procedure we go through that ensures everything is correct at the time of distribution.

Here is that procedure.

Stage 1. The Browser Version

After discussions with you about the layout & design of your newsletter and receiving your content, we will first produce the "Browser Version". This is the version of the newsletter that the recipient will see if they click the "View In Browser" ...

Nowadays, Social media is all the rage, but email marketing remains one of the most widely used tools for small businesses. Stats suggest over 50% of small businesses use email in their marketing strategy, with most saying it's still the most effective.

In this article we're going to cover some of the ways email marketing can help your business.

It's Cost-Effective

An email marketing campaign is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with existing clients and new ...

Newsletters or mailshots, call them what you will. The important thing is to send them regularly. No matter what. That way, you build brand awareness which in the long run pays dividends.

I'm going to start this article with a (true) story.

The guys behind Mailshot Monkey also have a website design business. They have never advertised, don't post to social media, has never paid for a click and don't chase search engine results (it's an insanely competitive sector, so the only way ...

This article is prompted by a reply we got to a recent newsletter...

please explain the difference between your service and us sending our own

It's a great question and as these types of questions always do, it generated a long reply! When asked any question about our service we always give totally honest answers, even if it means not "selling" our service. We don't do hard sell, just honest (hopefully) helpful advice.

Our reply...

*Morning. ...

Typically, the success of a bulk email campaign is judged on the number of recipients who open your newsletter and the links they click. Traditionally this is recorded by the software that distributes your campaign; it does this by embedding little hidden "tokens" into the body of the email.

This is how it's been for well over a decade, and it worked perfectly. But now, it's a less than perfect way to see the actual results of your campaign because more and more email clients, ...

And why Some Newsletters Look Odd

The newsletters we create and distribute for clients are typically built using HTML code and inline CSS.

Most modern email clients, like Gmail and Apple mail use "rendering engines" that can read and interpret this code and CSS just like a modern browser, so what you see in your email client more or less matches the version you see when you click the "Web Version" link.

Unfortunately, for reasons it's not worth getting ...

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