Email Marketing Services100% GDPR Compliant

Email Marketing Services100% GDPR Compliant


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Additional Website Pages

To fully integrate Mailshot Monkey with your website, and to make the subscription process as slick and easy to follow as possible, you will ideally add five new pages to your website. The above buttons link to examples of these pages. If required we can help you add these pages to your site.

To see how these pages are used in the subscription process why not sign up to our newsletter? You can easily unsubscribe.

Page Descriptions

  • Subscribe Our standard subscription page, where site visitors can start the process to join your mailing list.
  • Unsubscribe Our standard unsubscribe page, where site visitors can deactivate their mailing list subscription.
  • Nearly There In accordance with GDPR we use a double opt-in process for all subscriptions. This means, once a site visitor clicks the confirm button on the subscription page to join the mailing list our system will automatically send them an email containing a link they need to click to prove they want to join the list. At the same time as the link is sent, they are redirected to the "Nearly There" page, which can explain the double opt-in process.
  • Hello Once they have clicked the confirmation link in the email they are directed to the "Hello" page, where they are welcomed to the mailing list and given any other messages. If you have offered anything in return for signing up, for instance, a free download or a discount etc. you can include details on this page.
  • Goodbye This is the page they are directed to when they unsubscribe.

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